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The case of the disappearing web designer

Has your website disappeared or is falling apart?
And your web designer along with it? You may be suffering from the case of the disappearing web designer!

Fortunately it doesn’t happen too often, but it still does happen; you engage a web designer or developer to create a fabulous website for you,

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Changes in website design in the last 20 years

As I celebrate my 16th year in business, it seems a good moment to reflect on what has changed with website design and SEO during this time. These two subjects are so tightly bound together that it’s good to reflect on how these have changed in the last 20 years.


WordPress Developer Ipswich

You might find you are somewhat bewildered by the choice of developers in and around Ipswich, so where do you start? And what’s the difference between a designer and a developer anyway?

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Kick start your SEO in Ipswich

Can your web designer kick start your SEO in Ipswich?
Can you find your website on Google?

Without the baseline on-page SEO complete, a new website will have a hard time being found in local searches. Your local designer should be able to get your SEO off to a good start and get you ranking well for your locality.

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Are websites all starting to look the same?

Are websites all starting to look the same? Have you noticed?

A quick look around the WordPress Themes section will soon bring a bundle of web templates that look very similar to one another. We even create websites with a large hero image at the top, there was a time when our designs were in the minority,

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Web Design Trends for 2015

Following on from last year, let’s see what’s continuing to be on trend and what’s been dropped.
Web Design Trends for 2015

Last year we wrote about web design trends for 2014 which was posted on Seomers. Revisiting the subject for this year, we are happy to see that some of our favourite features are continuing as great web design trends 2015.

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WordPress Design Suffolk

How can you be sure of getting a great WordPress design in Suffolk?


Website design is a marriage of coding skills along side great graphic design skills. We endeavour to bring these two sides together to provide our clients with the best possible results.

More and more of our clients are asking for a website built in WordPress,

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