Scottish Pagan Federation



The Scottish Pagan Federation raises the voices of Scottish Pagans to government, NGOs and other relevant bodies and the general public.

The old Scottish Pagan Federation website had become out of date and in need of up-to-date technologies including SSL certificate. SPF decided to engage Double S Design with the development of a new website which would be easy for the team to update and for visitors to find their way around the site more easily.

The old website was using html and proved to be very difficult to maintain. Now the new website benefits from a dynamic locator for Celebrants and Chaplains.



The key aim of the project was to create a site with all pages and article accessible
Provide the user with the ability to search for Celebrants in their area
Develop the new website in line with its brand ethos.


We created a large information-based website that gives the Scottish Pagan Federation scope to grow the site and manage the backend. A small e-commerce facility enables members to join the organisation with greater ease.

Strong UX encourages visitors to explore the site and make use of the easier customer journey.

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