Digital Doodles

We like to have some fun!

Ipad finger digital doodles – the real meaning of digital!

Digital Doodles are what I do on iPad.

A lifetime of drawing and exploring paint and crayons has translated itself into digital doodles.

iPad drawing apps are great for creating new styles and can give a more ‘free-hand’ look to printed material or websites. The app used here is Adobe Ideas, and all the drawings are done with fingers. Drawing with your fingers is really difficult as finger are fat – even my dainty ones! Sometimes gaining inspiration from TV programmes, like the BBC short series about Penguins. They cheer up anyone watching as they were so funny. Also a great anti-dote to boredom whilst trapped in front of the golf!

The Adobe Ideas app vectorises the images and smoothes the lines, you can also export the digital doodles as pdf and email them directly to social media or other equipment. These illustrations are mostly just for fun and experimentation. It took a few goes to devise a style, but the really great thing was getting the layers add on. This enabled me to paint underneath the outlines and use tints of colour.

More serious, polished illustrations are created in Illustrator, those are displayed on this page here >.

And at the top of the page showing some printed documents on the design for print page here >.