Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid



Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid website is a resource for women and Support Workers.

The original website was ten years old and starting to become insecure and failing to run smoothly. On investigation it was apparent that the site’s back end was also in a muddle with mixed WordPress installations and inefficiencies.

We assessed the needs of Nottswa and organised the pages into logical order using more efficient techniques to make the site much easier for people to use.

Nottswa case study


The key aim of the project was to create a site that ran smoothly
Create a clear and easy customer journey
Develop a new website in a modern style and give customers confidence that the site can meet their needs.


A very large site with forms and organised Custom Post Types. Provide a help guide for staff at Nottswa to continue to add pages and posts.

Strong UX encourages visitors to explore the site and make use of the easier customer journey. To perform as a ‘go to’ repository for Support Workers and Nottswa staff.

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