High end skin products created in Essex, SKN-RG is the brain-child of Deb Scott who operates in a competitive niche market

The SKN-RG company needed a like-minded designer who understood their brand and to help movement forward whilst raising their profile and increasing sales. We developed several functions for the site, including a skin type questionnaire that loaded the best products for particular types of skin; videos, sliders and bespoke WooCommerce layouts.

Recently we were involved in transferring the site to Shopify where much of the functions have been reassessed for need and removed.



The key objective was to make a beautiful looking website
Continuous creation of bespoke functions
After 6 years to assist with the transfer to Shopify


The website certainly stood out from the crowd with beautiful, elegant designs that fit with the business ethos. Clear navigation that uniquely displays a product in the header menu and directs the visitor to the right products. Now named to complete the transition to Shopify.

“Finding the right web designer that understands your business and your needs can be challenging, we know we’ve been around the block several times. Especially when we are a very demanding customer, in a very demanding business. From the moment we spoke, Soo made a profound change to our business and our bottom line!”
Deb Scott

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