Suffolk Business Directory



Suffolk Business Directory as a unusual type of website for us.

We were approached by Alex who originally ran the Red Lodge Business Directory. We sourced a theme specific to building directories and commenced work in 2018. The domain then got changed to Suffolk Business Directory in order to open up to more businesses.

There was a lot of work to do, but much of the work was building the client listings on the site. Investigating the right theme to use was crucial to this project and also we tutored Alex in handling the back end.

Currently we are working on rebuilding the site in a vastly upgraded theme which should help it run better on mobile devices.

Suffolk Business Directory Case Study


To create a directory site listing businesses in Suffolk.
Create a site where consumers can find businesses and services they need.
Moving forward to a new theme intended to be faster and more aligned to modern WordPress practises.


A large site was created for Red Lodge Business Directory with several hundred businesses listed. This soon grew to over a thousand listings, mainly due to the hard work of Alex.

The site is well structured and Alex is able to control the back end and approve business listings, ad adverts and organise them into business categories. Now nearing two thousand and badged as Suffolk Business Directory, we have plans to upgrade the site in the new year.

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