Grab Some attention with illustration!

Bespoke Illustration
Give your business an edge! Enhance your branding with supportive illustration to help you stand out.

Illustration and icons to enhance your business identity

Digital Illustration makes your website unique and specific to your subject.
We specialise in illustrations for business and educational projects for youth organisations, such as Suffolk Youth and Connexions Service. We love creating unique illustrations, from the very simple to more figurative work which can be combined with photography.

On leaving college, Soo spent 6 years working in London in the animation field working on films, TV programmes and adverts. This involved painting cells and illustrating backgrounds as part of a team. Animation tweens involved lots of drawing. Soo gained skill at hand-created drawing, but now utilises Adobe Illustrator for cleaner work. Back in Suffolk working on websites and print design, illustration is an added skill to help clients tell their business story.

Have you ever searched for a set of icons and not found a set that covers all the subject your want to show? This is an area where we can help – creating icons that have a consistent style throughout your website or brochure gives a much tidier result, contact Soo here>>

Infographics are another form of illustration, not unlike a comic strip or graphic novel, they tell a story in a visual format. By using a simple clear and well executed style we can help you tell your customers about your business in a few attention grabbing visuals. Colours can be kept minimal or from a wider palette to suit your brand identity, but most importantly they will be unique to your business.
We also illustrate for books, tee shirts and corporate clothing, also for company brochures and websites.  We can help bring your projects to life.
There may only be a moment to catch someone’s attention: a strong illustration will do just that.
The team at Double S Design enjoy exploring ideas and styles, the ‘Rose Project’ above shows an example of how different approaches can be give to the same subject.
Soo loves to create illustrations using her iPad – this gives a completely new and different style. Some of them can be seen here>>.

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