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Logo design – the most important part of your brand

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  • Infin-it
  • Finfac
  • Kuku London
  • Medici Matt
  • Euroswift Worldwide logo
  • Simply C Photography Logo
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  • Phoenix Unmanned Aerial Solutions
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  • The Wedding Collection
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  • Funky Yoga
  • 90x9 Business Leadership
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    Wild Moon Logo
  • Happy Horse Saddlery
  • Eastern Savings
  • Cotton Yoga
  • AP Clarke Construction
  • HR Support Services
  • Rising High Suffolk
  • Magical Merlin
  • Baccomist
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  • Fusion
  • Legear Lovelies
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  • BioConsortia
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We understand that your logo is the most important thing you need when starting a business or looking to rebrand.

Your logo is the starting point of your whole identity. It will reflect the business it is designed for and be unique enough to stand the test of time. A logo alone is not ‘the brand’ – your brand is your identity seen as a whole, including colours, fonts, logo position and size. We can develop a complete identity for your company, consistency is the key and we will ensure that your brand from the layout, to colour and font choice is mirrored throughout your organisation.

A well crafted logo will be created in vector format – this means it will be able to be scaled up for signs and posters, and work small on business cards. We do not use stock images for our logo designs, we craft digitised hand-drawn images that are tailored for your business.

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