Testimonials for Double S Design

Lillie – Mamanourish

“Just wanted to get back in touch to thank you again for your eyes and advice on my website.

You are absolutely right, the site isn’t really a problem, I’ve just not been driving enough traffic to the site to make reliable sales. I honestly didn’t realise how teeny tiny average conversion rates are and as a consequence, how much you need to feed the top of that funnel, and keep people coming back. So I’ve been doing work around that on the marketing side, and already I’ve seen results. (Plus a few tweaks to the content and format, but just making small gradual changes there).

So yes, thank you for helping me with that. Really useful and you’ve saved me from turning everything on its head, when really I didn’t need to!”
Lillie Pusey

Andrew – Ipswich War Memorial

“Our research project had hit a dead end until we had our website created by Double S Design. This opened us up to the worldwide web and the capability to hold thousands of online documents and images for viewing. We have reunited families, shared family information, artifacts and memories at a click of a button. The project has grown and had a new hosting transfer which has provided more space and a faster service.”
Kind regards Helen & Andrew

Helen Oldfield – Affinity PR Coaching

“Before the day gets busier than ever, just wanted to “pause” and say an official Thank You Very Much for the work you’ve done on my Affinity PR Coaching website. I’m really happy with it and you’ve done a great job.

You also made an overwhelming prospect (especially during lockdown) feel like a totally do-able task, and that’s all thanks to your guidance and can-do cheerfulness. There were some days I could barely get out of bed (I did, every day, but it was an effort!) and I liked the informality of the way you helped me to Get It Done Bit-by-Bit, with regular updates via phone calls rather than expecting reams of spreadsheets and Slack threads and……(insert techy list building/apps shite) I usually have to bend my brain around to using just to suit the technician – lol)!

I know how my oddly-wired brain sees things differently from many other people, and how that can be a pain for new suppliers (because I spot things that need tweaking or adjusting, which no one else has ever bothered about or raised before), but you handled all my “can we just….is it possible to…..ah, just one more thing…. Sorry, I’ve spotted another…..” queries with such patience and kindness. And THAT is terrific customer care too. “
Helen: Via email

Deb Scott – SKN-RG

“Finding the right web designer that understands your business and your needs can be challenging, we know we’ve been around the block several times. Especially when we are a very demanding customer, in a very demanding business. From the moment we spoke, Soo made a profound change to our business and our bottom line! Our business and product lines are constantly evolving and changing and Soo has never failed to help us develop exactly what we need when we need it, a testament to this is our sales and glowing customer reviews. We have had several designers that have never quite “got there” for us, but at every turn, Soo is ready to develop and create unique and bespoke designs and content that help us stand out from the crowd. Her work is beautiful and has conveyed to our customers our beautiful spa and salon approved products and services that we offer both nationally and internally. Thankyou Soo!”
Deb: Via email

A Day Testimonial
S Holmes
Kathy Cresswell

Andy Stead – Maxitrac

As a new business needing a professionally designed Logo we decided to outsource the requirement, the first company we approached and retained did not make the mark as far as we were concerned, in fact the experience was very disheartening to say the least. We searched and searched, looking for a capable business and found Double S Design. After a very pleasant and informative conversation with Soo, we reached the point of asking them to design our Logo, we have not looked back since.

The professionalism and attention to every aspect of what we said we required was incredible, from draft designs to colour changes and tweaks, Soo led the way forward, giving advice and assisting in colour schemes. The entire experience was a pleasure for us and we would recommend Double S to anyone that wants a capable, attentive and dedicated team.
Andy: Via email

Cherry Testimonial

Dave Burke – Alpha Executive

I could kiss you two. How on EARTH you can take the random musings/ramblings of a bloke on the phone and come up with stuff like this is amazing….!!
I’m seriously impressed…!
Dave Burke: Via email

Angela Boreham – Angel’s Cupcakes

I’m very pleased with my new business cards and have pointed a few people in your direction already. Thank you very much for your help in taking my business that little bit further.
Angela Boreham: Hand written

Michelle Pollard – Spider Web Recruitment

Having a great website for any business is important however as an online recruitment advertiser how the Spider website looks and works is probably even more important to us than most companies. We are fundamentally an online brand and good website design and functionality is an integral part of what we really are and what we offer.

Having explained to Soo on how different we are to the typical recruitment company Soo quickly understood that the standard cheesy smiles hand shaking individuals would not be reflective of what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to be viewed. She spent real time understanding what we did, how we do it, what we liked, what we hated and then quite simply she delivered.

Soo’s website concept was current, original, and quirky and it gave me exactly what I was looking for. Since the launch of our site we have been regularly complimented on the originality and one of our clients referred to it as ‘refreshingly different’
I know that when Soo was working with me she was under huge pressure and time constraints with her involvement with the Anglia Business Exhibition. However not once did I feel that my needs were not a priority to her.

Based on my personal experience of Soo I would have no hesitation in recommending her service, a real pleasure to work with. Thanks Soo
Michelle Pollard: Read out at Avanti Networking

Nigel Howard – HR Support Services

Thanks so much for everything and I’d like you to know that all you do is appreciated, more than these words can show. To Soo and Sabina, many thanks and best wishes.
Nigel Howard: Hand written

Sarah Holmes – Treefrog Photography

Soo is experienced, knowledgeable very determined and most importantly understanding and amiable. With a vision and driven to get the job done, she is persistent and thorough in her approach.

During my time working with Soo, she has gone above and beyond with her service, and patiently works with her clients to get their job done while working through contrasting views to achieve a desired result.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Soo. I would most definitely work with her again.
Sarah Holmes: On LinkedIn

My Care At Home

Lots of people in here ask for recommendations for web designers and I also put forward Soo Smart from double s design and thought I’d take the time to say why. The most important thing is that Soo understood our business and understood what it was we wanted from our website. She completed work when she said she would and was always answering our questions and giving us advice.

Even now the website is complete she is still giving us support and answers any questions quickly. Her work has gone above and beyond what was expected. Our website looks amazing take a look for yourselves www.mycare-athome.co.uk.

Thanks Soo for all your work.
Claire Bewley: On Facebook

John Slater and Haward

The new website has given us a higher profile, and made us look much more professional. We have gained more work from it.
Adrian Catchpole, JSH Ipswich

The Blow Dry Bar and Garrafish Lounge

The Blow Dry Bar has got off to a flying start with such an attractive website that we had 400 site hits within the first 6 weeks of opening.
Judith Golsmith, The Blow Dry Bar

Berridges Jewellers

Firstly a big thank you for our wonderful website. To be honest I have had misgivings about re doing it because I wanted so much to have one we could be pround of and was worried we would fail.
How wrong was I. It’s great and so crisp, we have already made a sale of a Jensen necklet @ £400!
Christopher Hardman, Berridges

Kesgrave Conference and Community Centre

We at the Kesgrave Conference Centre, would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciatio to Soo for all her help and invaluable advice oer the past few months.
Soo applies a very personal, hands on, yet professional approach to all aspects of her work. She has real artistic flair and we are incredibly pleased with our re-designed website.
Mandy Camilleri, Kesgrave Conference Centre