Ipswich War Memorial



The Ipswich War memorial website was conceived to be a place that preserves images and profiles of individual men and women who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

We were approached to kick start the site with just a few old photos and records of those who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

We set about planning the website in order to list the names in a logical format. As time has gone by the site has evolved into a large, informative and well-used centre for information. Visitors to the site offer photos and information about their long-lost relatives and the site is continually growing.

The website was built on WordPress and uses powerful functionality to display and organise the lists which is easily maintained by the War Memorial team.



To create a unique website that records Ipswich people who fought in the wars
Organise the site into easy to navigate sections
Provide an expandable site that can grow with the increasing number of cases to be added


We designed a simple logo for the Ipswich War Memorial and created a website with a framework for them to work with. The site is continually growing and after 7 years it has expanded to several thousands of recorded details of people lost during the wars. The site has recently benefitted from a new theme and faster hosting to accommodate its size.

Our research project had hit a dead end until we had our website created by Double S Design. This opened us up to the worldwide web and the capability to hold thousands of online documents and images for viewing. We have reunited families, shared family information, artifacts and memories at a click of a button. The project has grown and had a new hosting transfer which has provided more space and a faster service.
Kind regards Helen & Andrew

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