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Why you should update WordPress Core and Plugins

Core updates1 November 2023
If you are a site owner and look after your website yourself, did your web designer inform you about keeping the site up to date?
If not and you didn’t realise why you should update WordPress Core and Plugins, then you could be onto a problem.
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how putting creative and technical skills together gives businesses a great start online

creative-technology-square15 January 2023
Soo explains how putting creative and technical skills together gives businesses a great start online
Understanding what brand design is has never been more important than it is now and Soo will often say that a logo is not brand alone, but the centre point of the identity upon which all else is built.
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The Truth About Logos

logo-designer-thumbnail29 April 2022
The Truth About Logos
Many people think that their logo is their brand. But the truth about logos is that they are only one part of your brand. Maybe you will need to think about a brand strategy for your business…
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The Tale of Two Logos

the-tale-of-two-logos5 November 2020
The Tale of two logos
There’s a certain process to logo design, it is a well established format that has been used for many, many years.
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Covid 19 – Business as Unusual

Business as Unusual6 April 2020
Covid 19 – Business as Unusual
For a while this will be the new normal as we have moved our workstations to our homes. Double S Design is well suited to working from home as this is how we began!
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A Review on Changes in Website Design Over The Last 20 Years

Website design magnet19 March 2018
Changes in Website Design Over The Last 20 Years
As I celebrate my 16th year in business, it seems a good moment to reflect on what has changed with website design and SEO during this time.
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Why your business needs a professional logo

Logo Design02 January 2018
Why your business needs a professional logo
You have a new business to launch and it’s all very exciting! You can’t wait to get cracking, but need to watch your budget as you realise getting a brand together is going to cost money. Which is the most important part of your brand to tackle first?
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How to Deal with Difficult Clients

website journey29 December 2017
Managing clients in the design process
Every client is different; many are delightful but others can be a little more challenging. But how can you manage clients that end up being a little more difficult?
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WordPress Developer Ipswich

wordpress-developer17 September 2017
WordPress Developer Ipswich
You might find you are somewhat bewildered by the choice of developers in and around Ipswich, so where do you start? And what’s the difference between a designer and a developer anyway?
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The Case of the Disappearing Designer

31 March 2017
The Case of the Disappearing Web Designer
Has your website disappeared or falling apart? And your web designer along with it? Maybe they’ve gone bust, have a new full time job or are simply not up the task. Find out how to regain control of your website here!
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Kick start Your SEO

Google Where am I27 February 2017
Kickstart Your SEO In Ipswich
Can you find your website on Google? Without the baseline on-page SEO complete, a new website will have a hard time being found in local searches. If you can’t find your website on Google, find out why.
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Website Typography

19 November 2016
Website Typography
Are you Typographically Challenged? Lost in a myriad of web fonts and confused as to which font to use as a heading, and what is Bodytext anyway? Here we have a look at what makes good typography for websites.
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Make your website more successful

blog-successful-website30 September 2016
Make your website more successful
Build your website the right way to maximise conversions and make your website more successful. A successful website needs forethought and planning, here we explore critical points to make your business stand out.
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Are Websites all Starting to Look the Same?

common-layout29 August 2016
Are Websites all Starting to Look the Same?
Are websites all starting to look the same? Have you noticed? We even create websites with a large hero image at the top, there was a time when our designs were in the minority, but is it now time for a rethink?
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Reasons to Rebrand

Coca Cola Logo26 June 2016
Reasons to Rebrand
So, you’ve been running your business for a couple of years and have done everything yourself. Maybe you got your son or daughter to do your logo which you loved at the time, but looking at your competition, somehow now it doesn’t look so good.
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Brand, Identity, Logo – What’s the Difference?

brand-identity-logo-thumb28 March 2016
Your logo alone is not your brand!
Your logo will be the main part of your identity, and together with other identifying cues make up your brand. But do you really know what the difference is between a Brand, Identity and a Logo?
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Is Your Website User Friendly?

featured-UI-image28 February 2016
User Friendly Websites – Is your site making sense for your customers?
What makes a website easy for your customers to use? Here we outline some key attributes that we like to keep in mind.
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Image Copyright

image-copyright31 January 2016
Image Copyright – What you can and can’t do with images
When you search for an image on Google, you will come across hundreds and thousands of images, if you decide you would like to use one it would be a good idea to check the small print first!
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Web Design Trends for 2016

Man With Trench Coat (Image Source: From Me To You)
28 December 2015
Web Design Trends for 2016
Interestingly the trends and ideas expressed here can be related to other forms of design, mainly design for print and exhibition design. Good design follows a few simple cues that can be applied to anything. The same applies to websites, there’s been a few featured trends that have not quite taken off and others that continue to be a hit, new trends are coming too…
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Ipswich Design Agency Moves to Town Centre

instagram-silentst21 November 2015
Double S Design in Town
Having managed the design studio at GRE (later AXA), it was always an ambition to have my own design studio one day. Of course, Double S Design has been running successfully ever since 2002…
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History of SEO

instagram-panda25 October 2015
I remember when (shock-horror!) there was no Google!
Back in the 1990s, you just needed a website. It didn’t have to look good or have much text and so long as your pages linked together, it was just fine! But what happened next put some websites in trouble.
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Get a Website Now!

get-a-site-panel27 June 2015
Start a project with us!
We can help you think about getting a website off the ground, what’s involved and what we do and don’t do.
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Google to penalise non mobile friendly websites

portfolio-boleyn-events6 April 2015
Well it’s finally arrived – Google getting heavy with non mobile friendly websites!
Now is the time to update your website and get it mobile friendly or lose rank. But did you know there is more than one way of achieving this?
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How to Delete Google Plus Unwanted Pages

1 March 2015
Forget the long-winded instructions, here’s a simple solution
Just four easy steps to remove those pesky unwanted Google Plus pages that creep into your account by default. Google simply duplicated a couple of my pages for no apparent reason, and was very happy to be foggy about how to remove them.
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Web Design Trends for 2015

Flat illustration
8 February 2015
Following on from last year, let’s see what’s continuing to be on trend and what’s been dropped.
Clients understanding the need for cleanliness. Something to watch out for is Blandness! There is a clear definition between a design that is clean and one that is dull.
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How to Start a Business Brand

8 November 2014
So, you have an idea for a business and gone through the recommended steps.
Now you are ready to think about building your brand, but what do you do? Sometimes key parts of a business plan may have been overlooked, here’s a guide on what do to next.
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Anglia Business Exhibition Brand

14 May 2014
Creating a brand for a client is more than just creating a logo.
It starts with the logo of course, but developing the brand needs planning and if possible the ability to have a bit of fun.
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Brand Design Process

brand-design-process6 April 2014
Or what to expect when briefing a designer for logo design
Many Designers have followed a well trodden brand design process when creating logos for their clients, in fact most will have been schooled this way at Art college. This article explains what’s involved with brand design…
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WordPress Design Suffolk

portfolio-hrsupport4 January 2014
How can you be sure of getting a great WordPress design in Suffolk?
Website design is a marriage of coding skills alongside great graphic design skills. We endeavour to bring these two sides together to provide our clients with the best possible results.
More and more of our clients are asking for a website built in WordPress…
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A Tried and Tested Web Design Process

portfolio-berridges227 May 2013
Why you should think about using a professional web designer rather than do it yourself
Here I will attempt to explain the reasons behind great web design, and why you will get what you pay for. I treat the web design process in the same way that I treat graphic design, which is to plan the design first, investigate
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Cookie Law is Dead

23 April 2013
I said that inertia would win and it has.
Last May all websites were supposed to have a Cookie Widget or a £500 fine, a warning to alert users that websites use cookies and gather information. I alerted all my clients, and gave them the option of the widget or a notice…
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How to tell a great web designer from an average one

9 March 2013
More and more web design companies are being set up in the present climate, creating a larger and larger pool of design styles and technical knowlege for clients to choose from. Coupled with that is a wealth of web tools that can be used by either designer or client – but which should you go for?
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RWD Made Clear

January 2013
We have been very busy in 2012 creating responsive websites.
We think 2013 will see a dramatic increase in the number of websites built for desktop, tablet and mobile. Well this has proved to be true, and it looks like Responsive Web design is here to stay in 2014…
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Titanic Hangover

12 April 2012
This is a true story about the Titanic ocean liner
100 years ago, my great grandfather George Bailey had just been told that he had a new job. He’d been out of work for a while, in and out of work on Southampton Docks…
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Sixteen Top Tips for professional logo design

7 April 2011
In this article I outline 16 top tips for logo design, 16 key points to remember when working on logo design for yourself or a client. It takes practise to get to grips with creating great logos. Many of these points were covered when I was at college, but today we have the added luxury of being able to complete logo design in Vector format…
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Illustrations for Business

March 2011
Do you ever get fed up seeing the same old stock images over and over again?
Have you ever spent hours trying to find illustrations for business that matches your clients description?
Or have you found a series of icons or illustrations that answer your client’s brief, but they are all different in style and colour?…
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