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Build a confident brand!
Your logo is just the first step in creating your company's identity. Do you want a confident, professional logo that speaks to your customers? We help you create and protect all parts of your brand as you grow your business and give your business a personality!



Does your website bring you business?
You want a compelling responsive web design that is easy for your customers to navigate and for you to update. You will want your website to bring you sales, new business and to stand out from the crowd. That's why we create websites that fit with your brand and bring great results.


Brand recognition is important
Brand awareness and evolution are just as important in print as online. And if you are just starting out, just think - a business card is a low cost way to make a great first impression!
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Improve your website's performance
SEO is not just about keywords any more, your website is your most important marketing tool. But it also needs to be speedy and have the right content to attract customers. Good copy, a social media campaign and conversion testing to maximise your ROI.
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What? Red Spiky Hair and Flowery Shorts!

Soo has short dark spiky hair with a red streak and wears flowery shorts.

Loves camping at Womad and singing, will perform if encouraged!.

Soo has a big thing about website usability, graphic design and typography. Can spot wrong fonts and bad alignments at 50 paces and gets annoyed at shoddy print. Understands the importance of a well thought out brand strategy - from the boots up. Design is not just about 'prettiness', but is there to make the visitor's journey logical and easy.

Happy to share knowledge and collaborate. Does Park Run.

Likes coffee and dark chocolate and often finishes posts with a


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Double S Design - Website Design and Logo Design Ipswich

Double S Design is a full service branding, logo design and web design creation company, specialising in helping businesses to grow online and in print. We are front end WordPress developers who create clean, professional sites that bring your brand to the fore.
Your business isn't the same as everyone else's so your website and brand shouldn't be either.

Most of all we understand your brand is incredibly important to you, we take time to listen and create a strategy for your business. This enables us to achieve the best results possible whilst giving you a great online presence.

Our customers tell us we communicate clearly and that they understand exactly what is happening at every stage of the project. We also have over 25 years experience in print design including brochures, stationery and exhibition stand design to complete your brand identity. Plus a lifetime in Illustration.

Focusing on your brand first

We are adept at creating professional logos and have heaps of experience in this line of work. If you are coming up against a dead end with it, then we could pick up the baton and take it forward. Just recently we’ve created a couple of successful logos, one with a long production time, the other which was quick and easy. It depends on the brief, and whether the brief gets changed along the way. Logo design can be complex or simple depending on the feel the business wants to project - we have created a range which can be seen here: and here:. Logos get added all the time, so pop back in a couple of weeks time!

The logo that had a long ‘birth’ was Wooltown Cottages, whereas one created last week just took one week, the client fell in love with one and that was developed and refined a little to its final conclusion. A more complex couple of logos are the Completely Crackers one and others.
For both Website Design and Logo Design Ipswich we bring great design and technology together to give you a well-rounded identity that works on line and in print!




Fast Google Cloud Hosting
CPU: 4 Cores
MEMORY: 12Gb Ram
£95 p/a

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