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Changes in website design in the last 20 years

As I celebrate my 16th year in business, it seems a good moment to reflect on what has changed with website design and SEO during this time. These two subjects are so tightly bound together that it’s good to reflect on how these have changed in the last 20 years.


WordPress Developer Ipswich

You might find you are somewhat bewildered by the choice of developers in and around Ipswich, so where do you start? And what’s the difference between a designer and a developer anyway?

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Website Typography

Are you Typographically Challenged? You know that simple is best, but when you are presented with a delicious array of typefaces, maybe you go overboard. Here we get you thinking

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Make your website more successful

Build your website the right way to maximise conversions and make your website more successful.


A successful website needs forethought and planning, here we explore critical points to make your business stand out.
1. Research the competition

Your website is your most important marketing tool,

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Are websites all starting to look the same?

Are websites all starting to look the same? Have you noticed?

A quick look around the WordPress Themes section will soon bring a bundle of web templates that look very similar to one another. We even create websites with a large hero image at the top, there was a time when our designs were in the minority,

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Is your website user friendly?

How do you make your website compelling?

Have you ever gone to a website only to discover that you couldn’t find the thing you were looking for?
Or maybe you found a website but couldn’t work out what it was selling?

Over the years this has sadly happened a great deal,

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Web Design Trends for 2016

Fast becoming a feature of Double S Design is to evaluate website design trends and look at why certain themes are set to continue.
Web Design Trends for 2016

In 2014 and 15 we wrote articles predicting what web design trends will be for the coming years. It looks like our favourite features and styles will continue to grow in 2016.

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Ipswich Design Agency Moves to Town Centre

It’s been a long time coming, but the dream of having my own Ipswich Design Agency in the town centre was imagined back in the 1990s.

ipswich-design-agencyHaving managed the design studio at GRE (later AXA), it was always an ambition to have my own design studio one day.

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Get a Website

Why choose Double S Design?


Start a project with us!

We can help you think about getting a website off the ground, what’s involved and what we do and don’t do. What’s more we can show you what you need to think about.

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Google to penalise non mobile friendly websites

21st April will see Google start to penalise non mobile friendly websites.

Well, it’s finally arrived – Google getting heavy with non mobile friendly websites. Now is the time to get your website responsive or see it lose rank to others that are! If your website is a few years old,

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