Will My Web Designer Create Content For Me?

Content Creation

The creation of a website is a collaboration between the customer and the web designer.

So, you need a website for your business or personal project. This will need you to think about many aspects that make up good website design, and involve a number of hours for you to come up with a scope for your site. But one area I have come across is the assumption that a web designer will create the content for you. This can be done, but you would be asked to outline the purpose of your business and discuss the detail, specialities and ethos of your specific business.

Here are some considerations:

  1. Design vs. Content Creation:
    • Web designers primarily focus on the visual and structural elements of a website, including layout, colour schemes, typography, and overall aesthetics.
      A web designer will also focus on the customer journey, story telling and ease of use for your website.
    • Content creation, on the other hand, involves writing text and is a speciality in its own right.
  2. Collaboration:
    • Some web designers work closely with content creators, copywriters, or graphic designers to ensure that the website’s design complements the content effectively. At Double S Design, we are highly trained and experienced Graphic Designers who can indeed create your logo, create graphics and source photos relevant for your site.
    • We can offer content creation services as part of a bigger package. We work closely with copywriters, marketeers and photographers which allows us to work on what we do best which is to create a website that is easy for your customers to find what they need.
  3. Client Involvement:
    • It’s common for our clients to provide their own content or collaborate with a separate content creation team. Some of our clients love writing which is a cost saving skill to possess.
    • If you prefer the web designer to handle content creation, it would be wise to discuss this explicitly at the first meeting or phone call.
  4. Content Management Systems (CMS):
    • Many websites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow clients to easily update and manage their own content.
    • We will provide you with a PDF Guide to updating and using your website at the end of the project.
  5. Clear Communication:
    • Clearly communicate your expectations regarding content creation at the beginning of the project.
    • Your tone of voice is important for the overall feel of your website and is indeed part of your brand style.
  6. Additional Services:
    • We offer additional services, including content creation, as part of a more comprehensive digital marketing or web development package. This service will involve a specialist copy writer who will speak with you to gain a feel for your business. It will involve research into your field and an additional quotation to the website design.
  7. Cost Considerations:
    • With Double S Design, content creation services will involve separate costs. Clarify the pricing structure and whether content creation is included in the overall project cost is important from the outset. However, we often find that our clients already have content written before they come to see us.
  8. Spelling and Grammar:
    • If you are not very confident with written content, we can offer spell checking and grammar correction for you. However with any kind of public work, if you need to look professional, then engaging a professional copywriter could save you from a lot of headaches!