How putting creative and technical skills together gives businesses a great start online


You probably know Soo by her red spiky hair and may have seen her running activities on social media. However, there’s probably a few things you don’t know about her, so here goes!

The Background

After qualifying in graphic design Soo worked on The Snowman film in London, also other films, animated adverts and even an Iron Maiden music video before settling on a career in graphic design. Soo worked as Senior Designer at Insurance company GRE and then progressed to Studio Manager when AXA purchased GRE, the work often took her to London where she won an award for the best company report for umbrella company to the design studio, Williams Lea. It was during this time that traditional design work started to be replaced with digital design and Soo embraced the changes as she is a person who is always interested in learning new skills.


The benefit of having a strong grounding in traditional design is that nothing much has really changed. It’s the tools that have changed, a brand will need to have a strong voice and direction before any work can take place. Understanding what brand design is has never been more important than it is now and Soo will often say that a logo is not brand alone, but the centre point of the identity upon which all else is built. Your website, leaflets and business cards will all need to sing the same tune to give the organisation a unique and consistent meaning.

Taking it Digital

This is how Soo can bring your digital and physical world together – the website is built to talk to both Google and humans. Soo will spend time asking you questions about your business before putting pencil to paper and before structuring a website. It is important to keep things simple but also to bring a distinct personality into your branding, particularly with your website as there is a lot of noise online and you will want to stand out.

Imagine now that you have a logo, a business card and a website and everything works together nicely, now you need people to find your website! This is where Soo’s 20 years experience in working on websites can amplify your online presence with the help of solid SEO techniques. Soo works with a highly experienced SEO partner and together can offer targeted digital marketing strategies to improve search results. All websites are built with SEO in mind, but if you have a website already that might not be getting the recognition it deserves, Soo loves talking about websites and is great at assessing them and finding weak spots.

Case Studies

Sometimes a customer comes to us because they are having a problem with their website. Maybe you are not getting enough sales, maybe you have a technical problem with your website that you can’t get to grips with, or perhaps it’s simply got out of date. Investigating a problem website requires a degree of technical knowledge and needs access to the site and the hosting in order to identify the cause of problems. We have often successfully identified problems with websites, sometimes it is a simple matter of the hosting needing an upgrade or too many databases which could create too many resources for the host to handle. Due to confidentiality, we cannot divulge an example of this, but we have several case studies that show where a simple upgrade to an ordinary site has transformed it into a fast, modern and informative new version. You can see some of them here: CASE STUDIES. Your site can be made easier to navigate, work faster or detect a problem according to the issue.

To find out how Soo and her team can help you build a brand, improve a website or create the whole package with you, please contact Soo Smart on 01473 487699 or email.

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