WordPress Developer Ipswich


Are you looking for a WordPress developer in Ipswich?

You might find you are somewhat bewildered by the choice of developers in and around Ipswich, so where do you start?

And what’s the difference between a designer and a developer anyway?

The best result would be someone who has creative design ability along side website development. But is putting the two skills together a bit far fetched?
Well, not really! Engaging a small WordPress Design and Development agency in Ipswich need not be impossible. A small team or person with many, many years experience can easily serve both areas through dedication and talent. In this article Soo explains how putting creative and technical skills together gives businesses a great start online.

Where does WordPress come into all this?

WordPress has become the most common platform with which to build a website. It is very easy for novices to grab a theme and fill it up with their content, however, there is much more to website design than simply putting stuff online.
The theme you used probably did a good job for you in the early stages of your business, but now you need to add more areas. Perhaps the homepage doesn’t cut it any more. If you need to add more functions and sections to your site, or you need to create more space on the homepage and move elements around – you will need a WordPress developer.

WordPress Developer Ipswich

Firstly, there are a good number of very well qualified, professional and knowledgeable web designers in Ipswich (myself included). However, it seems harder for new businesses to find out who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. I feel for people when they look for a Web Designer now as they are bombarded with recommendations. It’s difficult to tell those who know websites inside out; from design, to UX to SEO; and those who are happy just to provide a vague presence online. The key thing to do is research! If a web designer’s site comes up within the first few pages of a Google search, then give them a call. It’s best to talk and ask a few key questions:

Do they:

  • Have their own hosting
  • Create WordPress sites from scratch
  • Understand the importance of SEO
  • Do you ‘get’ what they do from their site in the first five seconds
  • Expand WordPress themes with Child Theme

  • Have creative ability
  • Is their own site pleasing to look at and easy to navigate
  • Do they have sufficient examples of clients’ sites?

Good copy counts

You may find that you have created your own website and are very pleased with it – until you check out the competition and find that yours looks weak by comparison. Did you write your own content when you first started your business? You may now be looking at it and think ‘Does that make sense?’ or ‘What was I trying to say here?’. Get a WordPress developer Ipswich who understands what it takes for a site to get found and bring you sales should be worth the investment. They should understand what makes good copy, and be able to provide you with a list of copywriters who can write for search engines.

SEO is crucial!

A good WordPress developer should be able to get a new website off to a great start with its SEO. They should also be able to help move your existing business forward by assessing what you already have and look to tie up loose ends. If the agency has in-house marketing expertise or uses specialist SEO services, then these are the people to talk to.

A Well Rounded Company

At Double S Design we provide all the above and more. We have over 30 years experience in graphic design and 17 in website design, the last five have been using WordPress. We take pride in bringing great design and technology together and work hard to make your WordPress site work for you and your customers. You can find out how to start a business online from scratch by going to this article here ↝

Thanks for reading.
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