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How to Deal with Difficult Clients

How to Deal with Difficult Clients Managing difficult clients

Every client is different; many are delightful but others can be a little more challenging. As a customer you want a website and not just any old cookie-cutter website, but one that will reflect your business and make you stand out from your competition. In order to get the result you want you might be […]

Is your website user friendly?

How do you make your website compelling? Have you ever gone to a website only to discover that you couldn’t find the thing you were looking for? Or maybe you found a website but couldn’t work out what it was selling? Over the years this has sadly happened a great deal, however in recent years […]

History of SEO

I remember the days! When (shock, horror!) there was no Google. Hardly anyone had a website and SEO was unheard of. This is a short precis on a History of SEO 1990s Back in the 1990s, you just needed a website. It didn’t have to look good or have much text and so long as […]

How to Start a Business Brand

How to Start a Business Brand small-office-web

How do you start a business brand? So, you have an idea for a business and gone through the recommended steps at Now you are ready to think about building your brand, but what do you do? The following has been written after meeting with new customers and discovering that sometimes key parts of […]

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