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How can you be sure of getting a great WordPress design in Suffolk?


Website design is a marriage of coding skills along side great graphic design skills. We endeavour to bring these two sides together to provide our clients with the best possible results.

More and more of our clients are asking for a website built in WordPress, that is why we have transferred our knowledge of code to the WordPress platform and strengthened our design skills to provide a well-rounded web design service in Suffolk.

Research the local market
The first thing any business should do when thinking about hiring a web designer is to do thorough research. Finding a WordPress Designer in Suffolk should not be difficult – there are plenty around, but with so many to choose from, how can be sure that you find the best? If you search out local web designers’ websites and have a good look around their sites, look at them again on tablet and mobile to check that they are responsive.

Get three quotes
Once you’ve checked out some sites, call them and have a chat, maybe asking questions about their business (see below). Then get three quotes, but don’t forget you don’t necessarily have to settle on the lowest price: how you interact with the provider should have a bearing.

So, in short:
1. Research
2. Phone to discuss your needs and see if you get on
3. Get three quotes.

Check out the portfolio
Look at portfolio pages and check out links to those sites. A proven track record and experience will be important in your decision. Several years’ work in web design is important for a well rounded approach to understanding clients requirements. Giving you the confidence that they can produce a website that reflects your business accurately.

Full Service offering
Do you need a comprehensive service, including logo design, printing or marketing? A design and web agency should be able to provide this. Do they have examples of logo designs and printing on their site? This is icing on the cake, but essential if you are serious about ensuring your business looks professional, and brand awareness is carried forward to all types of media.

Updatable sites
Clients want to update their own websites, that’s why we provide this service, WordPress has an easy to use dashboard that anyone can use. We use WordPress mostly for its content management system and put my HTML, CSS and other coding skills into the mix. An experienced web designer will have either a background in or abilities in code and are likely to have created websites in HTML. Why is this important? Well we believe it demonstrates that the designer has been around for a while and has moved with the times.

Some questions to ask a prospective WordPress web designer:

  • Can you provide references for your work?
  • How long have you been creating websites?
  • Do you create your own themes or customise themes to suit your clients?
  • Have you got experience with solving problems? Examples of successful outcomes?
  • Is web design your full time job?

We hope you find this post informative and that it helps clarify what to expect from an experienced web designer. Website design is a marriage of codling skills along side great graphic design skills – all this takes a few years to achieve.

Thank you – WordPress Design Suffolk. We are regularly recommended on Facebook, please feel free to check us out.