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Are websites all starting to look the same?

Are websites all starting to look the same? Have you noticed?

A quick look around the WordPress Themes section will soon bring a bundle of web templates that look very similar to one another. We even create websites with a large hero image at the top, there was a time when our designs were in the minority,

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Web Design Process

A Tried and Tested Web Design Process

Why you should think about using a professional web designer rather than do it yourself

Here I will attempt to explain the reasons behind great web design, and why you will get what you pay for. I treat the web design process in the same way that I treat graphic design,

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How to tell a great web designer

How to tell a great web designer from an average one – or separating jam and marmite.

More and more web design companies are being set up in the present climate, creating a larger and larger pool of design styles and technical knowlege for clients to choose from. Coupled with that is a wealth of web tools that can be used by either designer or client –

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RWD Made Clear

We have been very busy in 2012 creating responsive websites.

We think 2013 will see a dramatic increase in the number of websites built for desktop, tablet and mobile. Well this has proved to be true, and it looks like Responsive Web design is here to stay in 2014.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD) you ask?

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