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Images on Google are not there just for you to take! Please be sure to check the ownership before you download! Read the article here:

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Brand Identity Logo – What’s the Difference?

Your Logo alone is not your Brand!

Many people I come into contact with on Social Media are quite aware that their logo alone does not form their entire brand. But do you really know what the difference is between a Brand, Identity and a Logo?

Your logo will be the main part of your identity,

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Anglia Business Exhibition Brand

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand:
Creating a brand for a client is more than just creating a logo.

It starts with the logo of course, but developing the brand needs planning and if possible the ability to have a bit of fun.

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand was a great project to do as it needed to be used across a vast array of media.

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Brand Design Process

What to expect when briefing a designer for logo design


Many Designers have followed a well trodden brand design process when creating logos for their clients, in fact most will have been schooled this way at Art college. A previous article gives budding designers and clients and insight into logo design creation which can be seen here: top-tips-for-logo-design.

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Top Tips for Logo Design

Sixteen Top Tips for professional logo design

In this article I outline 16 top tips for logo design, 16 key points to remember when working on logo design for yourself or a client. It takes practise to get to grips with creating great logos. Many of these points were covered when I was at college,

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