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Brand Identity Logo – What’s the Difference?

Your Logo alone is not your Brand!

Many people I come into contact with on Social Media are quite aware that their logo alone does not form their entire brand. But do you really know what the difference is between a Brand, Identity and a Logo?

Your logo will be the main part of your identity,

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How to Start a Business Brand

How do you start a business brand?

So, you have an idea for a business and gone through the recommended steps at

Now you are ready to think about building your brand, but what do you do?

The following has been written after meeting with new customers and discovering that sometimes key parts of a business plan may have been overlooked.

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Anglia Business Exhibition Brand

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand:
Creating a brand for a client is more than just creating a logo.

It starts with the logo of course, but developing the brand needs planning and if possible the ability to have a bit of fun.

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand was a great project to do as it needed to be used across a vast array of media.

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Brand Design Process

What to expect when briefing a designer for logo design


Many Designers have followed a well trodden brand design process when creating logos for their clients, in fact most will have been schooled this way at Art college. A previous article gives budding designers and clients and insight into logo design creation which can be seen here: top-tips-for-logo-design.

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