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Covid 19 – Business as Unusual!

For a while this will be the new normal as we have moved our workstations to our homes. Double S Design is well suited to working from home as this is how we began! And as Double S Design is built on strong foundations with 18 years of business behind

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Image Copyright

Images on Google are not there just for you to take! Please be sure to check the ownership before you download! Read the article here:

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Website Typography

Are you Typographically Challenged? You know that simple is best, but when you are presented with a delicious array of typefaces, maybe you go overboard. Here we get you thinking

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Anglia Business Exhibition Brand

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand:
Creating a brand for a client is more than just creating a logo.

It starts with the logo of course, but developing the brand needs planning and if possible the ability to have a bit of fun.

Developing the Anglia Business Exhibition Brand was a great project to do as it needed to be used across a vast array of media.

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