Illustrations for Business

Do you ever get fed up seeing the same old stock images over and over again?

Have you ever spent hours trying to find illustrations for business that matches your clients description?

Or have you found a series of icons or illustrations that answer your client’s brief, but they are all different in style and colour?

I have spent many hours searching for images or icons that fit with my clients needs, but rarely find a set of icons that completely covers their requirements. Often I can’t find a range of images that they want to pay for. So I end up creating my own icons and illustrations for business for websites and documents. I have had many projects where I have created a range of illustrations in a consistent style for businesses and youth projects.

Businesses often need a strong bespoke image to communicate to their clients. Using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Ideas on iPad has been great for answering this constant problem.  Creating vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator means that the images can be scaled for large format printing and reduced for the web and still look crisp. Mastering the Pen in Illustrator will be the best tool you’ll ever use, once you get used to it in one programme, you will be able to transfer those skills into others such as Photoshop and InDesign.

In the guide below I outline briefly how to use the Pen Tool. I’ve created many illustrations for business using the pen and have devised a few different styles.

The key to creating great illustrations is understanding the Pen tool:

From the left we have The Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point and Convert Anchor Point.
Start by clicking some dots on a page with the Pen Tool and use the Convert Anchor Point tool to smooth the corners:

Click and drag each anchor point to smooth the corners and use the Direct Selection tool:  this white arrow to move the anchor points into your desired position.

Experiment with borders and fills, thicknesses of border to explore how different this makes your illustration look:

Icons, logos and illustrations for business are one of our specialities.

You can look at more finished examples of illustrations created for businesses and youth projects here: click

Fusion: Sonia Shelcott and Soo Smart