Delete Google Plus Unwanted Pages

How to Delete Google Plus Unwanted Pages

If like me this has been driving you nuts, finally, here’s the solution:

I’ve spent too much time over the last couple of years trying to find how to get rid of those extra Google Plus pages that appeared in my account by default. I found long-winded write-ups on the subject, only to find the instructions were out of date or wrongly described. I even found a YouTube Channel that was simply adverts, so here you go – it’s quick and easy!


1. Log in as you
See that I have two extra pages here:
Select the page that you want to get rid of from your Profile (top right corner).

2. Hover over the ‘My Business’ button and select ‘Settings’ at the bottom:

3. On the Settings page scroll to the bottom
And click ‘Delete Page’. Make sure you are on the page that you want to remove – not your main account.

4. This will load a new screen
Check all the boxes and click the red ‘Delete’ button.


There were a couple of glitches that happened where the pages were not removed. This was probably due to my using Safari browser on Mac, if this happens to you, don’t panic. I got logged out of the page I was deleting (all good you would think) but when I went back in, the page was still there. I did not get the final screen in no 4. Important to remember that.

I just logged back in again and repeated the process, second time around it took me to screen 4.

Just make sure you are ‘on’ the page you want to delete. That’s the third time I’ve said it, so don’t shoot me if you get it wrong.

I am now left with the business pages I need, plus my personal profile putting everything in order.
I hope you found this useful.