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Double S design has provided you with your own client area for accessing your website and making updates yourself. If you would like to have your website rebuilt in WordPress, please give me a call on 01473 728617. I’d be happy to talk you through the advantages of building a site with WordPress, and outline where a WordPress site would not be suitable.

How to use your content management system:

1. Have your email address and password to hand
2. Once you are logged in, select either “Edit Site” or “Site Pages”
– “Edit Site” will take you directly to your homepage
– “Site Pages” will show a list of pages on your site which you can edit
3. If you chose “Site Pages”, click the “Open Sidebar” button on the right hand side
4. Select the page you wish to edit, your page will load in the editing area
5. Hover over your page and you will see the “Edit” button appear towards the top of your page

Edit Text

1. Click the “Edit” button to edit text.edit_button
2. When finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “OK”
3. Finally, remember to “Publish” the page when you are done, you will find this facility at the top left, under “Page Actions”

Edit Images

1. Click the “Edit” button to images.edit_button
2. Select the image you want to change, and click on the Tree icon:edit_image
3. In the Insert/Edit Image panel click the Browse icon: edit_browseand select an image from your Image Library
4. Select the Advanced tab to add Alt text for the image, select ‘Update”.
5. Save and Publish

Always log out and keep your password safe.

If you have any further questions please contact me here >>
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